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  • He leads counselors away stripped and makes fools of judges. (Job 12, 17)

  • Rescue me from all my sins and let me not be derided by fools. (Psalms 39, 9)

  • Remember, O Lord, how the lawless scoff at your name, a party of fools cast you off. (Psalms 74, 18)

  • Remember this, you stupid people, when will you understand, you fools! (Psalms 94, 8)

  • The beginning of knowledge is the fear of Yahweh, only fools have contempt for wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1, 7)

  • "You ignorant people, how long will you continue to cling to your foolishness? How long will mockers revel in their mockery, and fools have contempt for knowledge? (Proverbs 1, 22)

  • For the error of the ignorant leads to death, the idleness of fools brings about their ruin. (Proverbs 1, 32)

  • "Pass by here, you who are fools." To the senseless she says, (Proverbs 9, 4)

  • The lips of one upright man feed many people while fools die for lack of sense. (Proverbs 10, 21)

  • The discreet man conceals his wisdom while fools make public their nonsense. (Proverbs 12, 23)

  • Desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul; but fools spurn rejection of evil. (Proverbs 13, 19)

  • Walk with the wise and you will gain wisdom; those who befriend fools become wicked. (Proverbs 13, 20)

“Para que se preocupar com o caminho pelo qual Jesus quer que você chegue à pátria celeste – pelo deserto ou pelo campo – quando tanto por um como por outro se chegará da mesma forma à beatitude eterna?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina