2. I said, "I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will muzzle my mouth in front of the wicked."

3. So I did. But as I kept silent, their happiness made my anguish grow.

4. My heart began to burn within, and finally, I blurted out:

5. "Lord, let me know when my end will come, let me know the number of my days; show me how frail and fleeting is my life."

6. You allow me to live but a short span; before you, all my years are nothing. Human existence is a mere whiff of breath.

7. Humans are mere shadows that go about relentlessly. Being but a breath they toil and rake in wealth, not knowing who will take it next.

8. But now, O Lord, what do I await? All my hope rests in you.

9. Rescue me from all my sins and let me not be derided by fools.

10. I shall keep silent and not open my mouth, since this is your work.

11. Only remove from me your scourge; for I am done in with your blows.

12. When you want to correct the mortals and punish their sin, you eat like moth what they hold dear. Mortals are a mere puff of wind!

13. Hear, O Lord, my supplication, listen to my cry for protection; do not be deaf to my lamentation. For I dwell with you as an alien - a pilgrim, as all my ancestors have been.

14. Turn from me awhile, that I may find relief, before I depart and be no more."

“Reze, reze! Quem muito reza se salva e salva os outros. E qual oração pode ser mais bela e mais aceita a Nossa Senhora do que o Rosario?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina