1. After this, Eliu again spoke in this way:

2. Does it seem right to you in your thoughts, that you should say, “I am more just than God?”

3. For you said, “Having done what is right does not please you,” and, “How will it benefit you, if I sin?”

4. And so, I will respond to your words, and to your friends who are with you.

5. Look up towards heaven and consider; also, think about the sky, which is higher than you.

6. If you sin, how will it hurt him? And if your iniquities are multiplied, what will you do against him?

7. Furthermore, if you act justly, what will you give him, or what will he receive from your hand?

8. Your impiety may hurt a man who is like you, though your justice may help the son of the man.

9. Because of the multitude of false accusers, they will cry out; and they will lament because of the strong arm of the tyrants.

10. Yet he has not said: “Where is God, who made me, who has given songs in the night,

11. who teaches us in addition to the beasts of the earth, and who educates us along with the birds of the air?”

12. There they will cry, and he will not heed them, because of the arrogance of the wicked.

13. Therefore, God does not hear in vain, and the Almighty will look into each and every case.

14. And so, when you say, “He does not examine,” be judged before him, but wait for him.

15. For, at the present time, he does not bring forth his fury, nor does he punish sin exceedingly.

16. Therefore, Job has opened his mouth in vain and has multiplied words without knowledge.

“Apóie-se, como faz Nossa Senhora, à cruz de Jesus e nunca lhe faltará conforto”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina