1. At this, my heart became frightened, and it has been moved from its place.

2. Pay close attention to the alarm of his voice and to the sound that proceeds from his mouth.

3. He beholds everything under the heavens, and his light reaches beyond the ends of the earth.

4. After this, a noise will sound; he will thunder with the voice of his greatness, and it will not be tracked down, yet his voice will be obeyed.

5. God will thunder with his voice miraculously, for he performs great and unsearchable things.

6. He commands the snow to descend on earth, and the winter rains, and the shower of his strength.

7. He signs the hand of all men, so that each one may know his works.

8. The beast will enter his hiding-place, and he will remain in his cave.

9. From the interior, a storm will come forth, and a cold winter from the north.

10. As God breathes out, frost forms, and the waters are poured forth very widely again.

11. Crops desire clouds, and the clouds scatter their light.

12. It shines all around, wherever the will of him that governs them will lead, to anywhere he will command, over the whole face of the earth,

13. whether in one tribe, or in his own region, or in whatever place of his mercy that he will order them to be found.

14. Listen to these things, Job. Stand up and consider the wonders of God.

15. Do you know when God ordered the rains, so as to show the light of his clouds?

16. Do you know the great paths of the clouds, and the perfect sciences?

17. Are not your garments hot, when the south wind blows across the land?

18. Perhaps you have made the heavens with him, which are very solid, as if they had been cast from brass.

19. Reveal to us what we should say to him, for, of course, we are wrapped in darkness.

20. Who will explain to him the things that I am saying? Even while a man is still speaking, he will be devoured.

21. Although they do not see the light, the air will be thickened suddenly into clouds, and the wind, passing by, will drive them away.

22. Riches arrive from the north, and fearful praise reaches out to God.

23. We are not worthy to be able to find him. Great in strength, great in judgment, great in justice: he is indescribable.

24. Therefore, men will fear him, and all those who seem to themselves to be wise, will not dare to contemplate him.

“De todos os que vierem pedir meu auxílio, nunca perderei nenhum!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina