1. "Go through the streets of Jerusalem; observe carefully and take note. Search the entire city squares and find, if you can, even one man who acts justly and seeks the truth, that I may forgive this city."

2. Even though they swear, 'As surely as Yahweh lives' they do not mean what they say.

3. O Yahweh, are you not looking for truth? You struck them but they did not feel it; you crushed them but they rejected correction. They set their faces harder than a rock and refused to repent.

4. Then I thought: "Such are the poor, they act foolishly because they do not know the way of Yahweh, the law of their God!

5. So I will go to the well-to-do and speak to them for they know the way of Yahweh and the law of their God." But they, too, have broken their yoke and burst their bonds!

6. That is why the lion from the forest will slay them and the wolf from the desert will destroy them, while the leopard lurks around their cities. Anyone who comes out is torn to pieces, for great is their sin and many are their desertions!

7. "Why should I pardon you? Your sons have rejected me and sworn by false gods. I gave them all they needed and yet they committed adultery and trooped to the harlot's house. They are well-fed,

8. lusty stallions, each one neighing for his neighbor's wife.

9. Shall I not call them to account - it is Yahweh who speaks - shall I not take vengeance against a nation like this?

10. Go up, nations, through her vineyards and ravage them, but do not entirely destroy my vine. Cut off her branches for they are not Yahweh's.

11. For the people of Israel and Judah have been utterly unfaithful to me - it is Yahweh who speaks.

12. They have spoken falsely of Yahweh, saying, "He does not exist; no harm will happen to us; we shall see neither the sword nor famine!

13. As for the prophets, they are but wind. God doesn't speak to them."

14. Because of this, Yahweh the God of hosts has spoken, "This is what I am going to do to them: I will put words in your mouth. They will be like a fire, and this people will be the wood it devours."

15. People of Israel! I will bring against you a nation from afar - it is Yahweh who speaks - whose language you do not understand.

16. All of them are mighty warriors.

17. They will devour your harvest and your food, devour your sons and daughters, devour your flocks and herds, devour your vines and your fig trees. They will devastate with the sword the fortified cities in which you trust.

18. But even in those days - it is Yahweh who speaks - I will not utterly destroy them.

19. And when they ask, "Why has Yahweh our God done all this to us?" you shall say to them, "Just as you have forsaken me and served foreign gods in your land, so shall you serve strangers in a land that is not your own."

20. Declare this to the people of Jacob and make it known in Judah,

21. listen, stupid and senseless people! who have eyes and do not see, who have ears and do not hear!

22. Do you not fear me? - it is Yahweh who speaks - Will you not tremble before me? I set the sand as a limit to the sea, an everlasting barrier it may never pass; its waves toss but cannot prevail; they roar but are unable to go beyond it.

23. But this people's heart is rebellious and stubborn; they have turned aside and gone away!

24. They do not say in their hearts, "Let us fear Yahweh our God who sends in season the rain, and has in store for us the harvest."

25. Your crimes have turned order into chaos, your sins have deprived you of these blessings,

26. for among my people are wicked men; they set traps like fowlers and catch human beings.

27. Their houses are filled with loot, like a cage full of birds. It has turned them rich and powerful;

28. they have become fat and sleek. Great is their wickedness; there is no justice in their judgment, for they do not protect the orphan's rights nor defend the needy's cause!

29. Should I not severely punish them for such things? - it is Yahweh who speaks - Should I not exact vengeance against a people like them?

30. A terrible and abominable thing has happened in the land,

31. prophets prophesy lies and priests teach what pleases them, and my people like it to be so. But what will you do soon?

“Jesus e a sua alma devem cultivar a vinha de comum acordo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina