1. Do not feel confident about tomorrow since you do not know how today will end.

2. Let another praise you but not your own mouth; a stranger but not your own lips.

3. Heavy the stone and weighty the sand but the fool's anger outweighs both.

4. Wrath is cruel and anger, impulsive but who can withstand jealousy?

5. Better an honest rebuke than false affection.

6. Worthy of trust is the friend who speaks honestly; the enemy is he who multiplies caresses.

7. The full mouth looks down on honey, the hungry one finds any bitter thing sweet.

8. Like a bird far from its nest, so is the one who wanders from his own place.

9. Oil and perfume gladden the heart; so too does the sweetness of friendship comfort the soul.

10. Never desert your friend or your father's friend; do not hasten to your brother's house when troubles strike: better a friend nearby than a brother far away.

11. Learn to be wise, my son, and make me happy so that I can reply to those who insult me.

12. The discerning man foresees danger and takes cover, but fools keep going, to their own loss.

13. Get rid of his clothes since he has gone surety for a stranger, seize him for the benefit of those unknown.

14. If he, at dawn, blesses his neighbor in a loud voice, it shall be interpreted as a curse.

15. The constant dripping of a gutter on a rainy day and a nagging woman have something in common.

16. Stopping her is like stopping the wind and grasping oil in one's hand.

17. Iron is sharpened with iron, contact with a neighbor sharpens a man's wit.

18. He who tends the fig tree eats its fruit, he who looks after his master will be honored.

19. As the face is reflected in water, so man finds himself in his own heart.

20. Death and hell are never satisfied; so, also, the eyes of men.

21. A crucible for silver, a furnace for gold; you will know a man by his reputation.

22. Even though you grind the fool in a mortar, you will not rid him of his stupidity.

23. Know well the state of your herd and tend to your flock

24. because wealth does not last forever and riches are not handed down from generation to generation.

25. Once the pasture is mowed and the aftergrowth appears and the hay is gathered in from the hills,

26. you should have lambs to clothe you and goats to pay for your fields,

27. sufficient goats' milk to feed you, to sustain your household and provide for your serving girls.

“Proponha-se a exercitar-se nas virtudes”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina