1. A kind answer soothes anger; while a cutting word increases wrath.

2. The tongue of the wise speaks knowledge, but the mouth of fools spreads stupidity.

3. The eyes of Yahweh are everywhere, watching the good and the evil.

4. The pacifying tongue is a tree of life, while the viper's tongue destroys the heart.

5. Paternal correction is scorned by the fool, but the one who listens shows discretion.

6. Abundance resides in the house of the virtuous, but disgrace descends on the profits of the wicked.

7. Wise men's lips sow knowledge whereas the fool's thoughts are not safe.

8. Yahweh detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but listens to the prayer of the honest man.

9. Yahweh abhors the conduct of the wicked but loves him who seeks virtue.

10. Correct severely him who strays from the way; whoever hates being rebuked will die.

11. Yahweh sees into hell and the abyss; how much more into the hearts of the sons of men!

12. The mocker does not like being reprimanded; he does not go to the wise.

13. A glad heart brightens the face, a sad one weighs down the spirit.

14. A discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feeds on stupidity.

15. Every day is evil to the afflicted one; while the happy heart is always feasting.

16. Better to have little but fear the Lord than to have a fortune accompanied by anxiety.

17. Better to have vegetables where there is love than to have a fattened ox with nothing but hatred.

18. The hotheaded man provokes disputes, while the one slow to anger reconciles differences.

19. The way of the lazy man is strewn with thorns, but the path of hard workers is a spacious road.

20. The wise son is his father's joy, the foolish man despises his mother.

21. Foolishness appeals to the man with no sense but the discerning man goes on his way.

22. Plans fall through for lack of deliberation; a multitude of counselors ensures success.

23. Happy is he who knows how to answer. Welcome indeed is the apt word!

24. To the discerning man, the way of life leads upward; he will be saved from the place of darkness below.

25. Yahweh tears down the house of the proud, but he strengthens the widow's boundaries.

26. Yahweh detests corrupt designs but words of goodness are pleasing to him.

27. He who craves dishonest gain brings trouble on his house; he who accepts no tempting bribes will live.

28. The man of upright heart thinks before he speaks, the mouth of the wicked pours out evil.

29. Yahweh stays far away from the wicked but hears the prayer of the virtuous.

30. A kind look delights the heart, good news revives one's strength.

31. The ear which listens to helpful correction is found among the wise.

32. He who ignores correction despises himself, he who heeds the reprimand acquires discernment.

33. The fear of Yahweh is a school of wisdom; humility precedes praise.

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