1. Wisdom builds her house, foolishness destroys it with her own hands.

2. Upright living is fear of Yahweh, but he who is devious in his ways scorns him.

3. From the fool's mouth comes the rod of his pride, the wise man's lips protect him.

4. Where there's no oxen, there's no wheat, in the oxen's strength there's abundant harvest.

5. The truthful witness does not lie; the false witness breathes deceit.

6. The mocker searches for wisdom in vain; knowledge comes easily to the discreet man.

7. Keep away from the fool for you will find no wisdom in his words.

8. The wisdom of the discreet man lies in guarding his conduct, but the foolishness of fools is full of deceit.

9. Fools never make amends, while goodwill dwells among the upright.

10. The heart understands its own grief; no stranger can share in its joy.

11. The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will stand firm.

12. To one, his way appears correct, but in the end it leads to death.

13. The heart feels pain in the midst of laughter, and joy ends in sorrow.

14. The reckless man reaps the fruit of his ways; the good man will earn reward.

15. The simpleton believes all he's told, the prudent man watches his step.

16. The wise man fears and avoids evil, the fool goes near and feels safe.

17. The angry man does foolish things, the crafty man makes himself hated.

18. Foolishness is the inheritance of fools, the prudent choose wisdom as their crown.

19. The wicked shall kneel before the good, and the godless, before the gates of the virtuous.

20. The poor man is detestable even to his neighbor while the rich man has many friends.

21. A sinner is he who looks down on his neighbor, happy is he who shows pity to the poor.

22. Does evil plotting not lead to ruin? Do goodness and sincerity not belong to those devoted to good?

23. Hard work yields a profit but the idler brings misfortune.

24. Wealth is the wise man's crown, foolishness the diadem of fools.

25. A truthful witness saves lives; he who lies will be lost.

26. There is great security in the fear of Yahweh, his sons find refuge in him.

27. The fear of Yahweh is a life-giving fountain for escaping the snares of death.

28. Numerous people are a king's glory; lack of subjects ruins a prince.

29. The discerning man is slow to anger, the impatient one displays stupidity.

30. A peaceful heart is the body's life but the passions are a cancer in the bones.

31. Oppression of the weak insults their creator, he is honored by those who have compassion on the needy.

32. The evildoer is overthrown by his own evil, the upright man feels safe up to death.

33. Wisdom resides in the heart of the discerning; who ever sees her among fools?

34. Virtue makes a nation great; the sinner disgraces a people.

35. The clever servant enjoys the king's favor but the fool has to suffer his anger.

“Invoquemos sempre o auxílio de Nossa Senhora.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina