1. He who loves discipline, loves knowledge; foolish is he who rejects correction.

2. The good man wins the favor of Yahweh who condemns the one of evil schemes.

3. No man is made secure by evil but nothing undermines the roots of the upright.

4. A good wife is her husband's crown while the shameless woman is like a cancer in his bones.

5. The plans of the upright are honest and the plottings of the wicked deceitful.

6. The words of the wicked are mortal snares but the virtuous refute and elude them.

7. The evildoers are thrown down and are no more; but the house of the virtuous will never crumble.

8. Everyone is praised in proportion to his prudence; while the corrupt of heart will be met with contempt.

9. Better to be a common man and have a servant than to feel oneself great and run short of bread.

10. The upright man looks after his animals but the wicked are heartless.

11. He who cultivates the earth will have his fill of bread, while the fool chases after illusions.

12. The desires of the wicked produce evil, but the roots of the virtuous produce fruit.

13. The wicked man is entangled in his own lies, but the virtuous man will be saved from misfortune.

14. Those who meditates on wisdom will attain all that is good; each one is rewarded according to the works of his hands.

15. The fool considers his way right while the wise man listens to advice.

16. The fool shows his annoyance immediately, but the discreet man overlooks an insult.

17. The trustworthy witness leads to the truth, and the liar to confusion.

18. The one who speaks thoughtlessly pierces like a sword; but the words of the wise bring healing.

19. Truthful words endure forever but lies, for only a moment.

20. Deceit dwells in the heart of the schemer, happiness in those who pursue peace.

21. No misfortune will befall the virtuous but the wicked will have their fill of troubles.

22. Yahweh hates the lips of liars and loves those who speak the truth.

23. The discreet man conceals his wisdom while fools make public their nonsense.

24. The hardworking hand will rule; and the lazy will have to obey.

25. Intense grief depresses the heart while a friendly word makes it glad.

26. The just man guides his neighbor while the way of the wicked leads them astray.

27. The lazy hand will have no game to cook: being industrious is the secret of wealth.

28. Life is to be found on the path of virtue, the way of the wicked leads to death.

“O Santo Rosário é a arma daqueles que querem vencer todas as batalhas.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina