1. Job replied:

2. If only my anguish could be measured and my misery put on the scales;

3. they would outweigh the sands of the seashore! It is for this that I speak impetuously.

4. Pierced by the arrows of the Almighty, my spirit absorbs their poison; my heart fails before the terrors of God.

5. Does a wild ass bray when it has fodder? Does an ox bellow when it has grass?

6. What taste would food have without salt? What flavor is there in the white of an egg?

7. So everything is tasteless for me, I am bored with my bread.

8. Would that I get my request, that God grant me what I want -

9. that he would decide to crush me, let loose his hand and strike me down!

10. Then this at least would comfort me, my only joy in merciless dread, that I have not cursed the will of the Holy one.

11. Will I be able to go on hoping, what expectation to keep on waiting?

12. Have I the strength of stone, and is my flesh of bronze?

13. There is no one to help me, all aid has departed from me.

14. Friends without compassion made me lose the fear of the Almighty,

15. My brothers have been fickle, like the flowing of seasonal waters.

16. They were but melted ice running from under the snow.

17. But summer comes and the river dries, under the blazing sun no water is left.

18. Because of this caravans get lost, go to wastelands and perish.

19. The merchants of Tema search for the brooks, the travelers of Sheba look for them.

20. In vain they expected, they are frustrated on arriving there.

21. Now you too are unable to help me; you see a horror and draw back in fear.

22. Have I asked you to give me anything? Did I say, "Pay a ransom for me,

23. deliver me from the enemy or rescue me from a tyrant?"

24. Teach me and I will keep silent; show me where I have been wrong.

25. Honest words I must not resent, but what have your arguments shown?

26. Do you mean to scorn my words, or throw to the wind a cry of despair?

27. Would you cast lots for the orphan and bargain over your friend?

28. But now, give me your attention; surely I will not lie to your face.

29. Relent, and grant me justice; reconsider, my case is not yet tried.

30. Is there insincerity on my tongue? Have I misunderstood misery?

“Que Nossa Senhora nos obtenha o amor à cruz, aos sofrimentos e às dores.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina