1. He took me northward into the court and led me to the rooms facing the outer court, and the building to the north.

2. They were one hundred cubits long on the north side and fifty cubits wide.

3. On the sides facing the entrance of the inner court and the paving of the outer court was a gallery in front of the triple gallery,

4. and in front of the rooms was a walk, ten cubits broad measured inward and a hundred cubits long; their doors looked north.

5. The top-floor rooms were narrow because the galleries took up part of the width, being narrower than those on the ground floor or those on the middle floor of the building.

6. They were in three stories and had no columns such as those in the court had. Hence they were narrower than the groundfloor ones or the middle-floor ones below them.

7. The outer wall parallel to the rooms, facing them and giving on to the outer court, was fifty cubits long,

8. the length of the rooms facing the outer court being fifty cubits, while on the side facing the building it was a hundred cubits.

9. Beneath the rooms there was an entrance from the east, leading in from the outer court.

10. In the thickness of the wall of the court, on the south side fronting the court and the building, were rooms.

11. A walk ran in front of them, as with the rooms built on the north side; they were of the same length and breadth, and had similar design and doors in and out.

12. They were like the entrances of the southern rooms; one entrance at the end of each walk, fronting the eastern wall, being the way in. He said to me,

13. "The northern and southern rooms giving on to the court are holy rooms, in which the priests who approach Yahweh will eat the most holy things. In them will be placed the most holy things: the offering, the sacrifice for sin and the sacrifice of repayment, since this is a holy place.

14. Once the priests have entered they will not go out of the holy place into the outer court without leaving their liturgical vestments there, since these vestments are holy; they will put on other clothes before going near the room assigned to the people."

15. When he had finished measuring the inside of the Temple, he took me out to the east gate and measured the whole area of the court.

16. He measured the east side with his measuring rod: a total of five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.

17. He then measured the north side: five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.

18. He then measured the south side: five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.

19. On the west side he measured five hundred cubits.

20. So he measured the entire enclosing wall on all four sides: length five hundred, breadth five hundred. This separated the sacred from the profane.

“Desapegue-se daquilo que não é de Deus e não leva a Deus”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina