1. Come, let us cry out with joy to Yahweh, acclaim the rock of our salvation.

2. Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving, acclaim him with music.

3. For Yahweh is a great God, a king greater than all the gods.

4. In his power are the depths of the earth, the peaks of the mountains are his;

5. the sea belongs to him, for he made it, and the dry land, moulded by his hands.

6. Come, let us bow low and do reverence; kneel before Yahweh who made us!

7. For he is our God, and we the people of his sheepfold, the flock of his hand. If only you would listen to him today!

8. Do not harden your hearts as at Meribah, as at the time of Massah in the desert,

9. when your ancestors challenged me, put me to the test, and saw what I could do!

10. For forty years that generation sickened me, and I said, 'Always fickle hearts; they cannot grasp my ways.'

11. Then in my anger I swore they would never enter my place of rest.

“O Senhor sempre orienta e chama; mas não se quer segui-lo e responder-lhe, pois só se vê os próprios interesses. Às vezes, pelo fato de se ouvir sempre a Sua voz, ninguém mais se apercebe dela; mas o Senhor ilumina e chama. São os homens que se colocam na posição de não conseguir mais escutar.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina