1. God of vengeance, Yahweh, God of vengeance, shine forth!

2. Arise, judge of the world, give back the proud what they deserve!

3. How long are the wicked, Yahweh, how long are the wicked to triumph?

4. They bluster and boast, they flaunt themselves, all the evil-doers.

5. They crush your people, Yahweh, they oppress your heritage,

6. they murder the widow and the stranger, bring the orphan to a violent death.

7. They say, 'Yahweh is not looking, the God of Jacob is taking no notice.'

8. Take notice yourselves, you coarsest of people! Fools, when will you learn some sense?

9. Shall he who implanted the ear not hear, he who fashioned the eye not see?

10. Shall he who instructs nations not punish? Yahweh, the teacher of all people,

11. knows human plans and how insipid they are.

12. How blessed are those you instruct, Yahweh, whom you teach by means of your law,

13. to give them respite in evil times, till a pit is dug for the wicked.

14. Yahweh will not abandon his people, he will not desert his heritage;

15. for judgement will again become saving justice, and in its wake all upright hearts will follow.

16. Who rises up on my side against the wicked? Who stands firm on my side against all evil-doers?

17. If Yahweh did not come to my help, I should soon find myself dwelling in the silence.

18. I need only say, 'I am slipping,' for your faithful love, Yahweh, to support me;

19. however great the anxiety of my heart, your consolations soothe me.

20. Are you partner to a destructive court, that gives disorder the status of law?

21. They make an attack on the life of the upright, and condemn innocent blood.

22. No! Yahweh is a stronghold to me, my God is my rock of refuge.

23. He turns back their guilt on themselves, annihilates them for their wickedness, he annihilates them, Yahweh our God.

“A prática das bem-aventuranças não requer atos de heroísmo, mas a aceitação simples e humilde das várias provações pelas quais a pessoa passa.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina